Accuracy/Resolution of Location Data

As I was exploring the data on the map, I noticed some indoor sensors that were placed in residential neighborhoods, but seemingly outdoors-- the map shows these sensors on the edge of the park or in the middle of a street.

Now I’m curious-- how accurate are the locations on the map? Is the sensor located within 1 meter of its dot? 10 m? 50 m? Many of the “misplaced” sensor dots were within 5-10 meters of an indoor structure. (I cross-referenced the PA map with satellite images and Google street view.)

Hi @stsameret, when registering a PurpleAir sensor, the owner can choose the location it will appear on the map. This means that the location on the map may not accurately represent the sensor’s phyiscal location.

If you change the “Data layer” option to “Position Rating (stars),” it will give you an estimate of how close the location on the map is to the physical location of the device.

Thanks, that’s very helpful!

Hi @Ethan_Breinholt , is there a physical meaning to the rating system? For example, for a rating of “excellent” (5), what is the radius of our confidence? Is it within 1-2 m of the map dot, or is it a larger radius?