Wildfires in Europe

Curious where the active wildfires are across Western Europe?

I just discovered the Wildfire layer on Google Maps works in Europe. This gives us some insight into the location of these active fires and the cities/regions that are in danger during this historic heatwave with dangerous wildfires.

Please share additional resources on these fires as you learn more.

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we hope it will be used more and more by everyone.
in europe only the best known fires are shown for now

I just created a web page using available RSS feeds from gdacs.org and copernicus.eu that shows a detailed list of international wildfires complete with descriptions and maps with the main focus on Europe. You can use the links to the sources for more detailed information. I also included the PurpleAir map centered on Europe using the European conversion factor so you can see what the air quality looks like. I like one-stop shopping. :slight_smile: I looked at other sources but, these seem to be the best ones to use. So, this should give you a bigger picture of the current international wildfire situation.