Updated USEPA NAAQS for PM2.5

Hey y’all! In light of the new PM2.5 NAAQS that was recently finalized by the USEPA, is there going to be any update to how the PM2.5 AQI is calculated?

I have a basic understanding of how AQI is calculated, and I know that it represented almost like a percentage of the NAAQS. Based on that reasoning, would the calculations under the USEPA 24-hour average for PM2.5 need to be adjusted? Wouldn’t a tighter standard result in a higher AQI number (all other parameters being equal)?

Hi @aea1993

Our map uses the EPA 24 hour standard to display the EPA AQI. Originally, no changes were planned, as the NAAQS only revised annual exposure levels. However, in accordance with The EPA’s announcement here, we will updating our map to reflect the changes to the 24 hour standard.

This will occur in the future, however we do not have a strict timeline right now.