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I would like to know if downloaded PA data are in UTC or local time? The description about ‘start_timestamp’ and ‘start_timestamp’ is not clear w.r.t. it.

For example, UNIX time stamp: 1589772600 is Mon May 18 2020 03:30:00 GMT+0000 and Sun May 17 2020 19:30:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time), so when we download the data from PA using this time stamp then in which date/time PA will return the data?

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start_timestamp: The time stamp of the first required history entry. Query is executed using data_timestamp >= start_timestamp.
Time can be specified as a UNIX time stamp in seconds or an ISO 8601 string. ISO 8601 - Wikipedia.
The time_stamp column in the resulting JSON or CSV will be in the same format and or time zone that you use for this start_timestamp parameter.
If not specified, the last maximum time span for the requested average will be returned.|

end_timestamp: The end time stamp of the history to return. Query is executed using data_timestamp < end_timestamp.
Time can be specified as a UNIX time stamp in seconds or an ISO 8601 string. ISO 8601 - Wikipedia.
If not specified, the maximum time span will be returned starting from the provided start_timestamp.|

Hello @Zuber_Farooqui ,

This post should be helpful: Convert UTC to local time

Dear @Amanda_Hawkins ,

My question was similar/in line to the post API Correct Timestamp Get Sensors API Call and according to @Andrew_PurpleAir, the data retried will be in local computer time.

Not to create more confusion, I still want to know UNIX time stamp = 1589772600 will return me data in UTC or my local computer timezone which is PDT?

Conversion from one timezone to another is not an issue.

Thank you!!

I’ve corrected my comment. Data from the API is always returned in UTC. Sorry for the confusion!

I need to make another correction. Time from the API is returned in the form in which it was called. For example, if you use the timestamp 2023-06-08T16:38:33Z, the data will be returned in UTC, since you specified UTC with the “Z” in the timestamp. If you use the timestamp 2023-06-08T16:38:33Z-6:00, the data will be returned in UTC-6:00.

UNIX timestamps are always in UTC, so if you make a call using a UNIX timestamp, the data returned in the response will be in UTC.

My apologies for any confusion I may have caused with my previous statement.

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