Problems with API stability, rate limiting


I tried to resurrect my old project Purp to better visualize PurpleAir data, it went dead with the new API changes.

After adapting it to the new API, I noticed a few main issues:

  • the rate limits seem extremely excessive - it seems enough to make 2-3 requests a second and I’m getting 429 / “RateLimitExceededError”. I understand some limits, but this is not reasonable at all, and prevents some usage models
  • yesterday I was getting random “payment needed” errors, today they are gone. Still, very weird

These issues make API usage super cumbersome. It’s very hard to design even a simple app and not to hit these issues.

Are these constraints documented somewhere? And if they are the way they seem to be, any plans on changing these?


P.S. As a side note, the session time at is super short, can’t tell for sure, but it seems to be logging me out after ~1 hour or so. That’s, again, totally unreasonable.

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One more thing,I randomly am redirected to (see the image attached), and these requests fail.