New Version of the PurpleAir API on July 18th

I’m getting an error when making API calls for sensor history all of a sudden.

  "api_version" : "V1.0.11-0.0.34",
  "time_stamp" : 1659966366,
  "error" : "ApiDisabledError",
  "description" : "API calls to this endpoint (get_sensor_history) have been restricted. Please try again later or contact PurpleAir for more information."

I’ve tried both the june2022.api.purpleair and the api.purpleair urls and they both give me the error.

I am having the same problem on my end.

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I am also getting this error the last few days now.
“api_version” : “V1.0.11-0.0.34”,
“time_stamp” : 1659971831,
“error” : “ApiDisabledError”,
“description” : "API calls to this endpoint (get_sensor_history) have been restricted.

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I’m also getting the ApiDisabledError on “Get Sensor History” as of Monday August 8th. @Bruno22 if these errors also match what you’re getting, there might not be anything to be done until PurpleAir can address it.

Hi @Jasmine_Bootman, I have been receiving information from the development team and working on a post. I am still waiting for a bit more information.

For context, I deleted a post just now that linked to an article I am working on. I’m not sure why it was visible, that may have been my mistake. I will link it here once it is completed.

Recently, the historical endpoints have become restricted due to extremely heavy use. To use the historical API, you will need to be granted access. You can email with your API keys and a description of your API usage to be granted access.

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The article is now listed, although it does not include much different information. You can read it here: Historical API Endpoints are now Restricted.