New US EPA PM2.5 standards

The EPA is accepting comments on their proposed revisions to the current federal PM 2.5 standards.

Personally, I think their proposal falls short by suggesting new standards which are not protective enough on both instantaneous and annualized concentrations.
Of course, you may disagree; but in either case this is your golden opportunity to speak up.
It’s easy to submit a comment online at their web page.

Here is my own comment to them, which anyone is welcome to draw on (or disregard):

It’s pretty clear the present outdated PM2.5 standards are inadequate to protect human health.
It’s too bad the EPA is considering an update which, though better, is still deficient in keeping up with the current science.
Both the instantaneous and annual figures should be significantly reduced.

Even though I live in WA State, which has adopted more protective standards, the federal standards have a huge influence nation- and world-wide.
It’s an opportunity for the US to take a strong leadership role in an issue that knows no borders.
The new standards could be a driving impetus to promote a wide range of fundamental protective measures.

What is the reason for lagging on this important health issue?
When the social and economic health issues are factored in, there’s little justification for ignoring the diverse harms caused by higher PM 2.5 concentrations in the air we all breathe, including our more vulnerable young and elderly populations.

I hope the Environmental Protection Agency will take this opportunity to live up to its name.

Thanks for listening!


Excellent comment Bob and thank you for submitting it to them! I just want to note that it isn’t the official regulatory docket and that there will be another opportunity to comment when the proposed rule is formally published in the Federal Register, so if you comment via their web form then you should also copy-and-paste it as a formal comment on regulations-dot-gov as soon as the docket opens the public-commenting period (look for something like EPA-HQ-OAR-… "). People may also wish to attend one or more of the public hearings the agency is planning on holding - I certainly will be!

Thanks David, I had not understood that important distinction. I will calendar to submit a formal comment later.

The proposed rule has been formally published in the Federal Register, so anyone can now offer their comment on it at:

Dave, thanks again for helping me to understand the formal comment process.