Monitoring AQ in Eastern Washington State

Especially during wildfire season air quality is greatly degraded. Here, we can share data, photos, affects on health and other relevant information regarding our air quality.

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I wrote a pdf that describes our air quality experience at our home, surrounded on three sides by the Schneider Springs fire last year. But I don’t see a way to post or attach that here.

Hello Bob Inouye -
The only way that I see as a possible way to share the pdf is to link it somehow. Do you have a blog or something of that sort where that can be done? Otherwise, the creator of this community site will have to add an image/document share button.

Thanks for the explanation. I don’t have a blog or other way to post the pdf. Maybe some day.

Bob, the system that runs this site does not allow PDF by default since the file sizes can be very large and that can cause problems. There are some ways we can solve this for you. You can either send us the PDF and we will store it in a public folder and then link it here or you can do the same. If you would like me to do it, please feel free to email the PDF to

Eastern WA is still in drought conditions. Snowfall and rain have not pulled us out of the situation. Everything west of the eastern slopes of the Cascades is out of drought. Here’s the latest drought conditions for Eastern WA.
[| U.S. Drought Monitor]