Map no longer displays any sensors on Android phone Chrome

I have always been able to view my own sensor and others in the region (or in all of New England, the U.S., etc.) on my Android phone’s default Chrome browser. That has not been the case for a while now. On three different Android phones (old and new), the PurpleAir map displays fine, but it contains no sensors. It does not matter what data layer I select. If I use Firefox on my Android phone, the sensors do display – but of course this is not a great solution.

Does anyone have a fix for this using Chrome on Android?

The most common cause of this problem is that “Show Outside” and “Show Inside” are not checked. These options toggle whether outdoor and indoor sensors appear on the map. If they both are unchecked, then no sensors will appear. You can see these settings on our Map Startup Guide.

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This fixed a problem I was having.
I was able to see my sensor on my iPad and Android phone, but not on my PC.
My sensors were not checked on my PC.