Is visibility/haze information available in the local JSON?

Good evening. I’m wondering if my local JSON endpoint http://my.local.ip.address/json will output the visibility information, namely that which is available in the external API as scattering_coefficient, deciviews and visual_range.

Is this available via the local JSON? I’m not seeing it anywhere, but, maybe I’m missing it?

If it’s not there, perhaps it’s a calculated field in the API? If so, I’d be very eager to know how these fields are being calculated. Thank you in advance, and best wishes.

All fields available at the JSON endpoint can be found in our local JSON documentation. This doesn’t include any visibility information, as the visibility fields are calculated by us on the server side using information the sensor reports.

Our Visibility Data Layers article in conjunction with the JSON documentation above contain all the information you would need to calculate this information locally. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about doing so.