Is a camera needed

A sensor was set up by my Town because people living close to a quarry were complaining about the dust. The sensor has only been online about 10 days. We’re averaging 30’s and 40’s ( Newington CT) but get spikes well over 50 and even 100. As I mentioned, they are only spikes and do not stay high. Would we have to set up a camera to see if “trucks from the quarry” are causing the spikes? Has anyone else used cameras for this purpose? Also, what is Channel A and Channel B? Is it the same as sensor A and sensor B? Newbie here, just learning.

I have a problem with a neighbor’s son, who has a dilapidated diesel truck fetish, which I’ve monitored both via my PurpleAir sensor, and an outdoor webcam. They’re definitely linked, i.e. the start/idle of the dirty truck viewable on the cam, with spikes in my meter, particularly if I’m downwind. So yeah, I think you could draw some correlation between the camera monitoring the sensor spikes, too.

A and B are the two sensors on the device.


Thanks for your input.


A camera might be good to have, something particular to observing dust. PurpleAirs are not the best for measuring dust; PM2.5 yes but dust not necessarily. The sensors tend to underestimate compared to reference monitors during dust impacts.

Thanks for your input.