ExactAQ Air Forecast Map

I just got an email from PurpleAir touting a collaboration with some company that’s producing air quality forecasts. Naturally as part of this community I’m super interested in this sort of thing so I tried to find the map you included a screenshot of and it seems like the dataset / map is paid / proprietary?

Can someone from PurpleAir confirm this?

If it is a paid service, I’d suggest maybe not bragging about partnerships to your customers that make use of the data obtained for free from said customers without some kind of offering for that community.


Yes, I noticed that too. It looks like ExactAQ is a resource for communities, businesses and government, which I’m assuming costs money.
Does this 48 hour forecast map exist somewhere that everyday consumers can access?
I spent some time looking, and can’t find one. It would be nice if Purple Air would include that information in the blog, so we don’t spend time looking for something that doesn’t exist.
Why is it not integrated with the online Purple Air map, which is available to everyone? Will it be soon?
There are several free forecast maps already, each with some limitations. I use the USFS, NOAA, Canada’s weather.gc.ca/firework 72 hour and firesmoke.ca/forecasts quite a bit during the fire season.