East Palestine

Is there any interest within PurpleAir of getting sone PurpleAir into East Palestine, OH?

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I’m very surprised this community is not more active I see a ton of people on here, but not much chat or exchanging of information…

I recently purchased my sensor in response to the East PalestineI recently purchased my sensor in response to the East Palestine chemical spill my wife and my two daughters have asthma and in turn have high anxiety when it comes to air quality when searching for a air quality sensor in my area to give us an update on what was in the air after the spill I could not find anything within 100 miles of my house so I ended up purchasing one I’m about 80 miles north east of East Palestine in Oil City Pennsylvania unfortunately I didn’t get my sensor until a few days after the brunt of the plume passed over us…

I would think purple air would be more than happy to try to donate a few sensors to the area if you got in touch with the right people I don’t think it would be any sweat off their back to do so and may even Garner a little bit of good publicity


I made the same suggestion: totally agree with you. The sensors in the area were quite high in the immediate aftermath.

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