Color shades are confusing

The color chart on purple, airshows, yellow, orange, etc. But it looks like there are also shades of yellow and orange. Is this intentional or is it something else? In our valley, we are using purple air to recommend restricting activities, such as mowing and using power tools. We want to make sure that it’s right. Has anyone else seen this? It doesn’t seem particularly consistent.

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The PurpleAir Map uses a gradient color scale. This means that the dots are not a static color dependent on the AQI, but rather a changing scale that transitions from green to yellow to orange etc, with many intermediate colors in between. The default color scale shown on the bottom left of the map is the one provided by the US EPA for the US EPA PM2.5 AQI. The colors shown on the map work within that scale.

Hope this helps!

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It does help thank you very much.

We have a voluntary community agreement in the Coloma Lotus Valley regarding spark risk activity and fire activity. We look at fire safety, as well as air quality in this voluntary agreement.

We use purple air in the Coloma Lotus Valley to indicate the pollution levels which limits people’s ability to burn fires or engage in anything that might start a fire. So it’s an important measure for us.

Many thanks!
Jacqui Moore

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