Can we transfer unused Purple Air credits in my account to someone else?

According to this post API Pricing every user gets 1 million points to start, I believe this applies when a user purchases a Purple Air sensor, they then get 1 million points to start. Purple Air can you please confirm this?

My question is then, if we have unused credits in our accounts, can we transfer those credits to someone else who might find use in them?

This would be very helpful to a researcher like myself who is developping systems around the Purple Air API.


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Hello and welcome!

I recommend you check out this article, as it provides some valuable context for how we want API points to work in the future for sensor owners: API Points for Sensor Owners.

Additionally, I can confirm that we are considering a feature that will allow users to direct their points at other accounts. For now, you can do this by sending an email to and requesting that we move them manually.

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Thank you for the infos. Looking forward to seeing Purple Air’s implementation of sharing the credits between accounts.

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