Averaging Period not available anymore for <2.5 μm

Hi, I noticed that the averaging period dropdown is no longer available for many of the Data Layers, including the layers for particle sizes under 2.5 μm. Is this a permanent change? I found the 1 day average values for the “Particles >= .3 μm (particles/DL)” layer very useful.

First pic, averaging period available on some layers

Second pic, but not for some other layers

Update: It looks like the layers without the averaging period dropdown do retain the last selected averaging period for any other layer, so it is still possible to view any averaging period for any layer. You can only change it while on certain layers though.

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I found this kind of problem when trying to get a VOC average.
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.36.06 PM

This is not right, and we will look into it. All layers will have averages available for at least the graphs, but maybe not yet the markers.