Anybody else having trouble getting their api keys?

I’ve sent a few emails to support but they don’t seem to reply. It would be great if anybody could provide a different way to obtain the keys…

If you have your PA Read Key and the Sensor index number you can get the individual channel and API keys for the PA sensor this way:[insert sensor index#]?api_key=[your Read key]

Hello Jerry,
Where are you sending the request to? We are pretty quick to get keys issued. Please make sure you are sending your request to

Are the API keys different than the Thingspeak API keys? Do I just email support to figure out what my new API key for the new API is?

Hi @Steve_Drevik, API keys are different than ThingSpeak keys. API keys grant you access to the PurpleAir API, and will need to be added to every request you make. To get your API keys, email us at with a first and last name to assign them to.