Problems using purple air API

Hello, I made a group of sensors that contains 11 sensors installed in the schools of my county, I can retrieve the list of all the sensors I added to the group, however, when I make an API call to get all the sensors’ data at once from my specified group I can only get 9 sensors of the 11. For instance when I make a GET request to:
I’m able to see under “data:” only 9 listed sensors with their respective temperature. I’ve also noticed the 2 sensors missing are always the same. I hope you can help or clarify into the matter, thanks in advance!

Are the two sensors you are unable to query data from private sensors? Also, are those two sensors currently reporting data, or is it possible that they could be offline? Do those sensors report data if you query other fields than the temperature?

If you would not like to share the device IDs of your sensors publicly, you can either send me a direct message or send in an email to