Piggybacking on purple air data stream via data import API

While I like the idea of continuing to make and sell stand-alone or add-on devices to utilize the purple air data services like the ‘tri-sensor’ for additionally measuring ozone and VOC, another far-reaching flexible approach would be to allow a data import API to allow users to submit their own time-series data for ozone, VOC or any of the other top pollutants(or other variables of interest) listed by the EPA which might be more related to tracking transportation or industrial pollution sources that are not particulate matter(PM) focused.

The current business model is consumers pay a one-time cost to buy the device and get the maps, graphs and data services for free, but would be great to see also a model where the provided data management and services can be utilized and subscribed to independently(a data import API for DIY builds) of the devices sold directly.