PaymentRequiredError making api calls

Thanks Andrew - I will. In the meantime, can you explain why, when there is an error on your end, you are charging users API points? Will PurpleAir acknowledge that this is a bug, and fix it?

At this time, we’re eagerly looking to resolve this issue. We will be reimbursing points lost while we work on this.

Calls made to the API–even if they return an error–still consume API resources. Thus, moving forward after this issue is resolved, API calls will cost points for the designated API endpoint, even when receiving an error message. This is typical of API points systems.

We responded to your email. Please check there for further details about your API key and points.

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The issue should now be fixed. If anyone has the issue occur again, please let us know. If you see the PaymentRequiredError, make sure that you’ve moved your points from your Organization to your Project.

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Hi Andrew,
I’m experiencing the same issue.
I have transferred points to my project but my calls to the API are still throwing a payment required error. This is occurring for both my read and write keys; I have tried to get sensor data as well as create a group.
I will send an email to the email address you’ve mentioned, but I also wanted to document this here in case others are still running into issues.

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Update: I tried again both read and write calls about two days later and have had no issues. Looks like there still may be some lag recognizing the transfer of points, but once it was recognized in the system I have not had any further issues.


This may be the case. A number of changes have been implemented that should have resolved this issue for most users. That said, if any user continues to experience this issue, we’d like to hear about it.

Two issues:

a) I just realized that I needed to move my free 1,000,000 points from “Organization” to my “project”. Done. Should now allow me to spend about 400,000 points, assuming there is now a quick response to the back end from the website, but I still get the PaymentRequiredError.

b) On July 30, 2023 I paid $10.00 to Wepay/PurpleAir for more credits, but they have never showed up in my account. I emailed “” about that, but never received a reply.

Thanks for any support.

@Bill_Kowalik, please message me the email you used to contact us and we’ll help resolve the situation.

The email address is


I’ve removed the email in your comment for privacy, and sent an email to the provided address.