Minneapolis Fireworks

It is a well known fact that amateur fireworks displays in Minneapolis are out of control.
They begin well before the holiday and last well after. They go off at all hours of the day and night. They are one of the factors causing homeowners to move out of north Minneapolis. They cause direct harm (A Brooklyn Park man was killed on July 3.) They cause indirect harm (15 year old Anthony Titus bled to death in 2010 due to disabled shot spotters); and they cause correlational harm (asthma deaths, lowered life span, etc.) from air pollution.
We have creaated a task force and installed a monitor at St. Olaf Lutheran Church at 2901 Emerson Ave. N. and welcome your involvement in our efforts to curtail this harmful activity. Sign our petition at: Petition · Minneapolis needs to step up and help neighborhoods curtail illegal fireworks · Change.org We welcome the signatures and involvement of any Minnesota resident. This is a statewide problem that will require a statewide solution.
Dale Hulme, St. Olaf Fireworks Task Force

Agreed with all said. Seems a single day celebration, has turned into a 3 day pyro-fest, even officially by the municipalities. Funny, I looked at the purple air nationwide map the night of the 4th, like I do every year at that time, to see a see of red, orange and purples - everywhere (including the Twin Cities and places that are normally green)