Meaing of negative remaining points

What do negative remaining points mean? I had several air monitors setup and reading data regularly before API data charges started in 2023, I first checked the developer site a month back and the value was negative and yesterday it was a higher negative value than the month before. I was thinking this would be a positive remaining points value which when hit zero, the API calls would fail and points sit at zero.

Hi @jcothran

A negative point balance is what we use to void billing on API accounts. I haven’t checked, but I think it is likely that your API keys predate the billing system. If this is true, your account would have been grandfathered in without billing enabled. Since then, you have been accruing a negative balance every time you make a call.

In the future, we will be releasing a system that automatically allocates points to sensor owners which you can find out more about here: API Points for Sensor Owners. When that system releases, your keys will be transitioned back over to the billing system and we will zero-out your negative balance.