How to get EPA purple map data

I noticed you have data from EPA for purple map sensors. I assume for locations approved by an EPA. I have my own app to display PM2.5 for research and to be informed. I have regular EPA monitor data (from the different states) but would like to get the Purple Air PM2.5 data. I have a read key but not sure how to get the EPA data with that. I would like to get AQI for 2.5pm, latitude, longitude and a name or description for all EPA’s not just USA. JSON format is preferred but I can work with downloading a csv file. Many Thanks!

All data on the PurpleAir map comes from PurpleAir sensors. For help accessing sensor data through the API, you can view our guide here: Making API Calls with the PurpleAir API. The documentation is available here: You can download data in both JSON and CSV format with the API.

i understand what the source is but NASA modifies the data and validates the sensors are placed where local conditions like dust from roads does not give false readings and offsets are added to the data to adjust to meet compliance standards. I appreciate the prompt reply and I started to use the API.
Many Thanks!

The EPA adjustment for PA sensors for NowCast is detailed in the attached PDF on this page:

Replying to myself,

EPA has been continually adjusting the map formula. This is the status as of Oct 2021.