Get into sensor

Hi. Is there any way to get into my sensor and get to the data when the sensor is actively connected to wifi? The only time I see it show up in my wifi networks list on my iPad is when there is an error with wifi and it isn’t connected.

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Hi @usamak, if the sensor is online and registered to the PurpleAir map, you can see the sensor data there.

If you want to get the data locally, you can visit the IP address given to your sensor by your router. If you add “/json” to the end, you will see the raw JSON data it reports. You can also use “/json?live=true” to see the reports every second instead of the regular two-minute reports.

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Was the LOCAL_SENSOR_IP/json endpoint recently changed? Starting on May 19th my sensor stopped returning dewpoint, humdity, temperature, and pressure from this endpoint. It’s not the end of the world as I also get that data from my AmbientWeather station, but it seems like there was a change to stop reporting this data in the payloads.

I’m currently running firmware 7.02 on hardware 2.0+OPENLOG+NO-DISK+PMSX003-B+PMSX003-A and this appears to be a change.

For polling the data I wrote a small program, purpleair2mqtt that has been working for the last year, but I’m just now getting a chance to dig into what happened to these data.

Looks like your sensor’s lost communication with the environmental sensor chip. Your ID string should have ‘BME280’ in there if its present. This is my sensor:

V7.02 2.0+BME280+PMSX003-B+PMSX003-A