CSV file data readings are nul

Does anyone know how that happens?

api_version time_stamp time_stamp_human data_time_stamp data_time_stamp_human last_seen_human sensor_index last_modified date_created
V1.0.11-0.0.49 1701212403 20231129-000003 null null null null
V1.0.11-0.0.49 1701212461 20231129-000101 null null null null
V1.0.11-0.0.49 1701212521 20231129-000201 null null null null
stats_a-pm2.5_6hour stats_a-pm2.5_24hour stats_a-pm2.5_1week
null null null
null null null

Hi @JGielen, could you share the API calls you were making that resulted in this? Additionally, are time_stamp and time_stamp_human taken from returned data, or are they recorded independently of data returned from the API?

Hi Josh

This server job has worked fine for months. It creates a new CSV file every 24 hours. Since 14/11/2023 we only get zeros.

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Hi @JGielen, we’ve removed your image for privacy. However, the response indicated a PaymentRequiredError. Upon examining your API account, it looks like you were recently moved to our points based billing system.

Please send an email to contact@purpleair.com and we can assist. Let us also know if any of the sensors you’re querying are purchased and we can provide points for data they’ve reported.