About the Air Alliance Houston - Community Air Monitoring category

Air Alliance Houston sits at the intersection of research and advocacy. By creating a network of air monitors throughout the Houston region, we are giving our communities the ability to gather data to better solidify their concerns about air quality pollution.

Houston-area communities face a myriad of air quality issues, from concrete batch plants, to industry chemical emissions and transportation-emitted greenhouse gasses. We created this forum to allow community members to stay connected and work together to advocate for themselves and their neighborhoods.

Because Everyone has a right to breathe clean air.

This year, Air Alliance Houston with January Advisors launched AirMail, a new environmental justice tool, designed to scan the databases of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for air quality permits. AAH staff can then take those permits an decide which we have the capacity to oppose.

All of this information is also available to the public because we believe that TCEQ should be more committed to transparency and we know that AAH does not have the capacity to fight every air permit application.

Check out this article from Sam Oser on the new tool.

You can also check out Air Mail at airalliancehouston.org (the last item on the page).


So excited to see more stories in spanish centering our work in Environmental Justice and Air Quality on Univision Houston programming. Our Environmental Justice Coordinator Genesis Granados and our Research and Policy Coordinator Anthony D’Souza were interviewed today by environmental reporter Ana Bueno


Es genial ver más historias en español centradas en nuestro trabajo en justicia ambiental y calidad del aire en la programación de Univisión. Nuestra coordinadora de Justicia Ambiental Génesis Granados, y nuestro coordinador de investigación y políticas, Anthony D’Souza, fueron entrevistados hoy por reportera ambiental Ana Bueno.