My Sensor isn’t Showing up on the PurpleAir Map

You’re ready to view your sensor on the PurpleAir map, but can’t seem to find its Map Marker. Causes may include an unsuccessful registration, registered at wrong location, Map Marker overlap, disabled for too long, or simply not visiting the correct map.

Let’s observe the following list of causes to resolve the issue.

First determine if and where the location of you sensor was registered. To do so, continue here to view your personal PurpleAir sensor.

  1. After instruction from the Personal PurpleAir Sensors guide linked above, you may determine that your sensor has not been registered. If so, then continue to registration here, ensuring to specify an appropriate location.

  2. Now that an unsuccessful registration may be excluded, continue to verify its last known location. Ensure the "Reporting or modified within” field within the Configuration Menu has All Time selected. Visit the link of your sensor via one of the methods available in the Personal PurpleAir Sensors guide here. If you now see your sensor in the correct location, but indicated by a grey Map Marker, we conclude that the sensor has been disabled for too long a time (no contact with PurpleAir servers). If so, then ensure that the sensor has both power and WiFi connections.

  3. Next, you’ve concluded that your sensor has previously been registered, and your sensor is not represented by a grey Map Marker. If a non-grey Map Marker portrays your sensor, then the Map Marker is overlapped by another. If your sensor is not portrayed by a Map Marker at all, then its location was never registered. Either way, the resolution is to reregister you sensor here, ensuring to specify an appropriate location.